What is the maximum size of the attached files to an email message?

The maximum sum of all attached files size we accept for sending and receiving is 20 Mb.
Beside the limitation which we have imposed you need to take in consideration that the successful email message delivery depends on variety of components and different policies on both sides (the sender's and the receiver's servers). As part of the receiver's side the maximum received files size varies from provider to provider, please refer to the table below to see the relevant information for the most common email providers.

Email providerMaximum attached files size
Gmail25 Mb (per sent or received email)
Outlook.com and Hotmail.com10 Mb (per file attachment)
Yahoo mail25 Mb (per sent or received email)
AOL25 Mb (per sent or received email)
Abv.bg20 Mb (per sent or received email)
Mail.ru1 Gb (per sent or received email stored for 30 days)

Is it possible to bypass the maximum size of the attached files?

The simplest answer is NO you cannot, beside we recommend you to not send attachments larger than 10 Mb per email message.
What you can do if you need to send larger file or files is to use alternative services as DropBox, Shareit, Google Drive, SkyDrive, classic FTP servers etc. or devide the attachments in couple email messages not exceeding the maximum allowed file size of 20 Mb.


Last update: 09/22/2018 (UTC)