What is web hosting?

When you have website which in the major cases consists of multiple files (program files, image files, video files etc.) and databases you will need to make sure it is available to the Internet so the rest of the world would be able to visit and enjoy your "content". May be you already bought domain name and you need to set up professional email accounts with it. Well to have all these fully functional you will need a "computer" which is powerful enough, constantly connected to the Internet, secure and specially configured. These computers are called servers and they are in charge of "hosting" your website, database and email accounts among other services.

If you don't count with your own servers or you lack knowledge for managing them, most probably you would need to look for someone who would let you use their servers and services for "hosting" your website. Frequently they will charge you small fees on previously set billing cycle.

Web hosting types?

Exists great variety of web hosting types and classifications by different characteristics and parameters which make it really hard to cover all of them here. We can divide them in couple groups.

By operating system: They are divided on four major groups LINUX, UNIX, WINDOWS and MAC based hosting.

By terms of rent: Shared hosting, VPS (Cloud) and Dedicated hosting.

Where in case of shared hosting you would share the hardware and connectivity resources of the server among other people. This is the most basic hosting service one can get and it's greatest benefit usually is it's low cost. Here you could experience negative effects on performance because of over use of the shared resources of someone else of the customers sharing with you the services.

Next on the list by terms of rent is VPS (virtual private server or private cloud), where you would get dedicated virtual computer just for your own needs but with previously set hardware characteristics (random access memory, hard disk space, Internet bandwidth, processor frequency etc.). Obvious benefit is that you would have fixed hardware and software parameters and you would not share any of them. Disadvantages are that the price is higher than the shared hosting and you would need to choose between managing the server yourself or contract "managed" service for additional fee.

In case of Dedicated hosting you would count with all available resource just for your own applications and needs on dedicated real hardware (complete server at your disposal), but this type of hosting usually comes with highest price compared to the previous two groups. 

It's important to consider what type of hosting you need before closing contract with hosting company, according with the technical requirements of your website, databases etc.

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Last update: 06/03/2018 (UTC)