SNB Solutions was established in September 2009 with its current headquaters located in Cabo San Lucas, state of Baja California Sur, Mexico.

Address: calle. Los Pozos No. 133, fracc. Arcos del Sol

Contact phone: +52 (624) 1463063

The company is guided by several basic principles and values ​​that are laid down in the foundations of our in-house policy and closely related to what we believe is the right path to interaction, communication and relationship between us, our employees, clients and partners. These principles and values ​​are also expressed in our vision and are key to the achivement of our goals and development guidelines.


The first and most important place in our vision occupies the person. In our opinion, it is the most valuable element and factor in which our current existence and future development is possible. For this reason, this is precisely the direction in which we strive and put the greatest efforts and resources for successful and purposeful development, stimulation, promotion and achievement of balance and equality.

On second but not less important place, we rely on basic and commonly accepted human values ​​and qualities in building communication links and interactions, namely:

- honesty;

- transparency;

- and pursuit of self-improvement.

Over time, we have been able to build and shape the ideas that are of the utmost importance to us and are our main goal and mission.

 - to provide the best and highest possible quality of the services and products, looking for the most appropriate solutions for each specific case;

- to value and save the time for achievement of our common goals;

- to become a company leader in our chosen development sector and to be preferred business partner.


The main interest and direction for the development of the company is related to three different groups of services:

- offering web hosting and its full range of services to micro, small and medium-sized businesses.

- development and delivery of software solutions and products for management and administration of a range of diverse business sectors (healthcare, recreation and tourism, administration and finance, others).

- Analysis and management of risks arising from the interaction with high technologies (information security, training and assessment of service personnel, risk analysis).


SNB Solutions is micro company and as such has the following internal company organization:



As a reference on our level of quality of products and services we are proud to show you our customers feedback here.

Last update: 06/10/2018 (UTC)