At current times all businesses on local and global scale are suffering from ever increasing external and internal information security threats and attacks. These threats and attacks are divided in variety of different vectors which are growing bigger and getting more sophisticated to deal with over time. With these negative effects the magnitude of the damages which may be caused are getting bigger over the company’s information and financial assets and as well amplifying the negative reputation on the market.

Here at SNB Solutions we collaborate with you to measure the readiness levels at all times of your information systems and inhouse staff, to meet the everyday IT security challenges. Keeping you informed regarding the most valuable asset of your company, your “INFORMATION”.
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Application level security analysis

We elaborate with our team of professionals to value the security of your everyday tools of work as mail servers, database servers, web servers and others.

Network security analysis

Evaluating the most critical piece of your information flow, your network communication.

. Servers;
. Access Points;
. Routers;
. Switches;
. Intranet infrastructure;
. Internet.

Applicable policies and security measures related with those interactions.

End user & IT staff readiness evaluation

Our experience over the times taught us that the security is not factor only of external threats, it comes from within your company as well. We evaluate your employees and collaborators readiness and awareness.

Disaster recovery plans and internal IT policies evaluation

Every company should be counting with reliable disaster recovery plans and strategies. We evaluate your readiness and strategies to meet the most demanding needs and time limits in case the worst happens.


Last update: 06/03/2018 (UTC)